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As a famous Game,Pokemon Go to be number one in the world.How To Play Pokemon Go then we share about a guide for Logout and Login.These complaints often heard, but do not worry, this problem is not your fault. Niantic, the game developers did not expect the number of requests for Pokemon Go, make some problems such as a full server, could not loading or even interrupted during play. Try to be patient and diligent restart the application. Do not worry, you will still be able to continue his game back in the same place when you are disconnected. Some users have also complained about the GPS can not light up, make sure to turn the GPS on your mobile phone. The weather is also slightly influential in GPS functionality. When you walk in the mall, be sure to also signal the operator you use is pretty good, because it will affect the accuracy of the time you walk into PokeStops.

Pokemon is everywhere. No radar in the bottom right hand of the existing Pokemon tell anything around us, you can click to get more detail Pokemon that are around. If you have never met with a certain Pokemon, in radar only be shaped shadow, and if you've seen it, Pokemon will form a real radar. Signs feet below Pokemon Pokemon indicates the distance from you, mark 3 feet distance Pokemon is still far away and when it came would turn into legs 2, 1 and 0. You should try to get around. Press his Pokemon when it appears on the screen, and you'll start to catch him.

What's red and white ball?


This is a Pokeball, the Pokemon store. At the beginning of the game, you already have 50 pieces pokeball. 1 Pokeball Pokemon can catch one. You can get Pokeball again in PokeStops or buy it.

How to throw a ball and catch Pokemon?

Press the first ball in the middle, then you will see white circles around Pokemon. In the white circle there is a green circle that can shrink. When a green circle shrinks, is best when you throw a Pokeball. Pokeball navigate you to the white circle or right about Pokemon. If unsuccessful, the sheet again another ball to be caught. The green circle could turn into another color depending on the difficulty level Pokemon. For starters, do not spend Pokeball to capture Pokemon difficult. When Pokemon elusive, leave alone to search for Pokemon easier. Sometimes when capturing Pokeman, you come out of the server resulting game hangs. Just restart the application and continue playing. Do not worry, at the beginning of the game all the Pokemon easily captured. Selanjutanya, you can learn the tricks to throw you beberpa telling enough to catch Pokemon that had high CP.

What the blue box located in a folder?

It is PokeStops. Try to click PokeStops that are around you, guess where they actually are. Well you can be there to pick up the items available. How, when you've been there, rotate images on PokeStops in circumstances within reach. Usually indicated by the color purple. You will get a pokeball or other items that can be used to level up Pokemon.

What blue box surrounded by pink box?


It is a cluster when one is using a lure module that can be installed in the Poke Stop. Lure fishing is useful for a variety of Pokemon to Poke Stop, so that you can easily catch it. How to install the module lure is click the Poke Stop, then at the top of the picture there is a pink object, click it, and then attach the lure module you have. Lure regular module can be acquired when you level up. You can buy it in the item mall.

 What is the AR?


AR is "augmented reality" that lets you see Pokemon like in real life. If you have trouble catching Pokemon with AR, just turn off their AR which is in the upper right corner. When you are planning a walk in the mall and you're already 30 years old, please shut down its AR so that you do not look stupid when catching Pokemon.

What's that Pokemon?

Pokemon is a Pocket Monster. Go Pokemon in this game, you can catch as many Pokemon and train it. Then you can do combat with other players when it reaches level 5. Types of Pokemon others depending on the location. Pokemon in Jakarta will be different probabilities with San Francisco. Likewise Pokemon near water would possessed a different type to those on land. Pokemon To discuss this more fully, we will provide a special article on the ability of the Pokemon and how to maximize them when playing.

The gym is a place where you can do your Pokemon battle against another team. The gym is on the map, marked by a high tower which is scattered in various directions. Usually you find a gym in malls, restaurants and cafes. You can enter the gym when it reaches level 5. At first entered the gym, you will be asked to join one team (blue, yellow or red), and save one Pokemon you there. Her destination is, your team becomes the ruler of the gym to beat the other team and try to defend it. By maintaining the gym, you would increase the prestige of your gym and you can earn money and take it every 24 hours. You can control more than one tower so that your income increases. How to battle in the gym you can read this article.

PokeStops why many are in the mosque?

This is quite a controversy because it involves a place of worship in a Pokemon game. When in the US or elsewhere, will be many PokeStops be in church or other place of worship. But you do not need to go to the real place of worship, just pass it, you can indulge take existing items. The good, you become aware of a place of worship is everywhere around you.

How do I upgrade Pokemon?

You need Stardust and Candy. Select Pokemon you want to upgrade, then stardsut and candy when you meet, you can upgrade your Pokemon. Each monster requires a different candy, just kind of one group that could use the same candy. You can swap your Pokemon with candy to upgrade your Pokemon similar.

Combat Power CP is, the bigger the CP you are, the greater the possibility to win. CP is a combination of all the power of Pokemon either defensive or aggressive. HP is a Hit Point, ie the ability of the Pokemon you to attack. HP does not mutalk, could increase depending on experience or upgrade that was used during the battle, was also influential level. To upgrade you can upgrade two things, namely Power Up and Evolve, right atalah requirement to upgrade that requires a number of Stardust and Candy. Candy used to upgrade the Pokemon vary depending on the species. Type or types of effect when you attack, such as for example rock paper scissors suit.

For what eggs?

Store eggs in the incubator have you had from the beginning. Then you have to walk a short distance, your eggs will hatch into a Pokemon.
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