Badminton APK v1.0.0 Full Cracked

Badminton APK v1.0.0

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Welcome to our badminton game is a very interesting fun game!

Also has some challenging AI computer opponents are very strong!

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Badminton APK v1.0.0

Game features:

1. Character selection, both beloved characters full of magical unique role!

Each role has a different strength, speed, ability to steer

3. Gorgeous 2D effect

Simple operation badminton game

How to play:

1 per game 7 points, 7 people who need quick knockout can clearance!

World Series you need to beat all opponents!

3. Character scene is continually updated, the next version will add a more interesting battle mode, please look forward to

Lost to rivals in the badminton game does not matter, learning skills to hone their skills, and soon will be able to easily win, but we AI is still very powerful, small prompt spike is the most likely to score, but also specific to certain technology content

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